Christian Aid and Inclusive Market Development


“Inclusive markets that provide the income, goods and services people need have a critical part to play in ending the scandal of poverty. People living in poverty need the private sector to thrive.”


Why Markets?

Markets are everywhere: poor women and men engage with them every day as producers, traders, service providers, employees and consumers – many have the energy and enterprise to succeed, but the dice are loaded against them. Our current economic system exacerbates inequality, and on top of this shocks and disasters hit the poorest communities hardest. We believe markets that include poor producers hold great potential to address poverty – enterprise is the ladder out of poverty for most poor people, people living in poverty need the private sector to thrive.


Our Approach

Christian Aid understands markets as systems that are dynamic, shifting in response to the blockages and opportunities the relationships between market stakeholders create. In our programmes we improve market access, enable access to finance, build up enterprises through business support, enable access to goods and services, and use advocacy to change the systems and structures that keep producers poor. We are able to draw from this unique combination of approaches to empower marginalised actors, making their livelihoods more resilient and the markets they operate within more inclusive.


Case Studies